Wood Edging

Wood-edged options using 38.8mm thickness and a maximum length of 4080mm of laminated chipboard. (Up to and including the 900mm depth). We offer both American White Oak and Canadian Maple as the basic edging material.

We can stain the woods to take them near to matching a wide variety of other natural wooden products.

We can produce wooden-edged boards having both long edges wood-edged from the standard Duropal range of up to 1200mm or from all other ranges up to 900mm.

We can produce wooden-edged boards from all ranges having only one long edge wood-edged up to a maximum depth of 885mm

We can produce wooden-edged boards from a limited range of Duropal colours having one long wood-edged edge up to a maximum size of 2000mm length x 1200mm depth.

Naturally we can also produce wood-edged tile trays.

We stick a wooden section 41mm thick x 15mm deep to the edges of the laminated worktop which is 38.8mm thick, we then trim the wood flush to the top and bottom surfaces of the worktop. Then we cut the following optional profiles:


We also offer what is called a mutliplex wooden edge. This is an attractive option which is only available in the profile illustrated in the picture and cross sectional drawing shown below:


For those customers choosing a stained set of wood-edge worktops, after we have stained the wooden edges we lacquer them with three or four coats of water based acrylic lacquer. Finally we wax the wooden edges to protect them still further. It is necessary for you to wax the wooden edges every so often to help protect them against wear and tear.


Minimum radius 300mm

Some colour variation is inevitable at radii - due to the wood being steamed prior to bending.

The "x" dimension can only be 10cm. The "y" dimension must always be in excess of 640mm.


"Flitches" (Thin strips of 3mm Oak or Maple) laid up to the thickness required permit us to make a tighter radius to a minimum of 150mm without steaming of the wood being required. This also gets rid of the discolouration problem caused by steaming and is thus a better solution for most requirements.

Internal as well as external radii are available under this option. Cost is per 90 degrees of radius and in multiples thereof.

Laminated ellipse:

Using the same solution we can now offer a wider choice of options as above.

Photograph copyright of CoTops Ltd
Our standard stain colours