The Edging Options

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3mm Acrylic

Acrylic edged are square edged worktops where the square edge of the board is finished in a contrasting finish to the laminated horizontal surface. Finishes include Aluminium, various wood effects and one or two plain colours. See chart of Available Edges.

Post Formed

The post-formed edge is a round edged profile running along the length of the worktop whereby the laminate that is stuck onto the horizontal surface of the worktop is heated and bent around the pre-formed chipboard edge. (See the pictures of the profile as shown on the Duropal page.

Square Edged

Square edged laminated worktops simply have a square vertical laminated edge.

Wood Edged

Wood edged worktops: We use 15mm thick American White Oak or Canadian White Maple as the two base woods that we attach to the worktop and then apply various profiles to the section. We offer staining to match a sample or a clear lacquered finish or just a plain natural finish.

PP Edging

PP edging is a plastic edging that matches the decor of the Duropal laminate and the advantage is that you do not get the black line that you get when using a laminate edging. See chart of Available Edges.