Axiom® Worktops 2012 - 2015

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Axiom® Worktops

Axiom® worktops have some exciting decors in their range and we would be pleased to supply you.

Axiom Worktops are manufactured in the North East of England and they are a part of Formica Ltd of Coast Rd, North Shields.

There are 60 choices in the current Axiom® range of laminated chipboard worktops available 40mm thickness.

They offer two post-formed profiles, but only one profile per decor. Normally you would choose the decor and accept it in the profile offered, but if the profile is the most important thing to you, then make sure you only look at decors that are available in that particular profile.

Axiom brochure The Axiom® brochure has details on profiles, textures and sizes available for each decor.

The two post-formed profiles available in the Axiom range are the Linea which is described as a modern angular profile that emulates the authentic shape of natural materials and Axis, an exciting new 3mm radius profile that combines straight clean edges with quality natural stone and wood decors to create really authentic looking worktops.

Axiom worktops are available in a variety of lengths, but again the options are specific to the decor chosen, so if a long length of over 300cm or 360cm is required be sure to check that you select a decor that is available in the length 410cm.

Axiom worktops are available in the three usual standard widths of 600mm having one long edge post-formed and 665mm and 900mm having both long edges post-formed.

Axiom worktops also come in a variety of different surface textures. Once again however the choice is usually restricted to one texture to a specific decor. As before decor choice is usually more important than texture, but should the texture be an important issue to you, be sure to check carefully as to what decors are available in that particular texture.

Please use the colour selection service available on this web site to short list those decors which interest you and then either ring the Axiom® sample line direct on 0191 259 3478, or email them for samples to be delivered direct to you.

Axiom brochure Axiom® brochure download.

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