Care and Attention of Your New Worktop

Given proper care and attention including observing the following points your worktops will last many years: -

1) Chipboard hates water and whilst your worktops will be properly sealed against ingress of moisture it is vital that you help protect them, especially at joints and with wood or acrylic edged worktops.

2) To protect all joints, do not use kettles or other electrical small appliances such as toasters or microwaves in the immediate area of a joint or directly over the top of a joint. The constant rapid changes in temperature will otherwise cause the joint sealant to breakdown this will then permit the ingress of moisture into the joint causing it to swell.

3) To protect all inset post-formed edges, wooden edges, acrylic edges or joints please do not let water lie on them. Always wipe off water from these areas as soon as possible. Please do not use PVC Aprons if you are in the habit of rubbing your tummy against the worktop as this will tend to wear away the texture and colour of the laminate.

4) Wooden edges need to be cared for please with monthly waxing and polishing.

5) To keep your worktops looking good, please clean them regularly with a damp cloth, using a mild soapy solution for stains. Then immediately dry the worktop off. Tea and coffee stains need to be wiped clean immediately if you wish to avoid a build up of ugly staining.

6) Please do not use bleach as this may soften the laminate and cause irreparable damage.

7) Please do not apply any polish to the laminated surfaces as all this will do is build up a layer of polish that eventually will become unsightly and dirt gathering.

8) Please do not cut objects directly rested upon your worktops. You can purchase lovely hygienic cutting blocks called worktop savers these days that protect your worktops.

9) Please do not rest hot pots and pans directly upon your worktops, because whilst they are heat resistant, you do not know for sure what the temperature is at the bottom of any pot or pan. Play safe and rest hot items on your worktop saver, or your hob. The alternative is to rest them in cool water at the bottom of your sink.

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