About Us

Co Tops Ltd: Kitchen worktops suppliers

Co Tops was formed in December 1995 as a result of a management buyout of the very well established "Cut & Edged" UK worktop division of Blanco GmbH.

Co Tops shareholders have at least twentyfive years of direct experience in producing worktops and in the case of the Managing Director over 40 years of direct trading experience with Duropal and other German produced worktops offering "Cut & Edged" laminated worktops.

Co Tops has eight working shareholders at all levels within the company out of a total staff of around 25 people.

We moved our new business in 1995 from our former factory situated in North London to a temporary home in Dunstable within the old Bedford lorry factory called AWD.

We stayed within that location for seven years, saving up the money to purchase our own land in late 2002.

We designed and had built for us a brand new 25,000 square foot factory which we moved into in May 2003.

By the middle of 2005 we were already planning to build a large extension to our new factory to make a high truckdensity stocking facility for full boards that would be capable of stocking 8500 boards in insulated dry conditions, increasing our stock to 10,000 boards.

By the end of June 2006 the new extension had been completed and the first deliveries of full boards were being carefully stacked away in the new narrow aisle racking system that permits boards to be stocked up to 9.5 metres high off the ground.

Co Tops Ltd: Origin worktops suppliers

The new facility is used to stock Duropal full boards in the central aisles and Mistral slabs along the outer two aisles.

This is the stock we use to prepare the “Cut & Edged” worktops.

We hold the largest stocks of Mistral in the UK and we hold substantial stocks of the Duropal laminated chipboard 38.8mm thick post-formed worktops.

We offer Mistral as full slabs and panels or cut to size.

Whilst we do not stock Axiom laminated chipboard 38.8mm thick post-formed worktops we do offer a cut and edged service, using an adjacent storage facility.

If you would like to know a little more of the history of the area before our factory was built, click on the History button at the top of the page.